A Little about what a Daily Painter is:

A few years ago I had been most curious about a new trend coming from the west coast (what else is new). Artist that call themselves, “Daily Painters”.

Daily painting is not only the act of creating art as a full-time practice - it is a discipline that these artists hold to. Most of the artwork is done on a small format, allowing the artist to broaden their subject matter, perhaps quite different than their signature work. In the past several years, this trend has grown to hundreds of artists adopting this practice, creating a lively community of daily painters on the internet.

Now, I am complete enthusiast, I have an active
Daily Painter Blog, this website and a Facebook page, Daily Painter .

Currently, there are many online galleries, discussion groups and workshops all about daily painting. Daily painters ostensibly paint everyday, with occasional breaks taken for research, study, experimenting with techniques as well as the events in everyday life.
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Sold It! features highlights of some of the painting purchased by collectors every month.
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My latest artwork for sale where you can browse and have a close look before you buy.
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My Daily Painter Blog. You may see my artwork in progress.

Just below my header image you will see small icon in a red menu box. By clicking on the small icons it will link to a given social media website. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, My Tumblr Daily Painter Blog and Flickr, a photo storage site.
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Daily Painter Art showcases the lifestyle of daily artist. Phillip Krivenko
Paintings on all things related to this phenomenon of creating a painting every day.
Please visit my
blog where you can follow my daily paintings and current news.
tootsie roll
I Love Tootsie Rolls
6x6 oil painting on Ampersand Gesso Board.
If you haven’t guessed, the heart shaped lolly-pop represents love or love for candy and the tootsie roll is obvious. I love tootsie rolls.
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Two Cherries are One
6x6 oil painting on Ampersand Gesso Board

When two nacho chips are stuck together, they count as one. That goes for cherries and marriage.
hot dogs, coke
Featured Painting
"American Classic"
8x8 oil painting on Ampersand Gesso Board

On July Fourth we had a little get-together at a friends hous. In front of me on the table was a hot dog and coke (the cherry I added for composition). It look so American and a true classic. I took a photo of my iphone. 

Phil is a daily painter residing in Kingston, Pennsylvania.
Painting the beauty of everyday things.

Daily Painter Art: Phillip Krivenko

copyright 2012 Phillip Krivenko
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